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Dumping LSASS With Adplus Debugging Tool

January 09, 2021

A continuation of my series into abusing Microsoft’s debugging tools for red teams. This time I show how to create a memory dump of LSASS with the Adplus debugging tool. You may want to check my earlier posts that cover cdb.exe and remote.exe debugging tools.


Dumping memory in search of credentials (T1003) is a widely used technique by attackers. Microsoft has made some improvements to reduce the effectiveness of this technique such as the introduction of Credential Guard.

The most common way to create a memory dump is with the Windows Sysinternals tool, Procdump. Any half decent AV will now delete your dump file as soon as it’s generated. Adplus has the advantage of not being as widely used and therefore it may slip past some AVs.


The Windows debugging tools come with adplus.exe and adplus_old.vbs. Both of them can be used to create a memory dump of LSASS.

Required Privileges

I tried using Adplus to dump LSASS with administrator privileges and it wasn’t creating the dump file. As it turns out you need SYSTEM privileges to create the dump file. If you have administrator privileges it shouldn’t be that hard to find a way to SYSTEM so I’ll leave that up to you to figure out.

Creating a memory dump

Its quite simple to create a memory dump, run the following command.

#Executable file
adplus.exe -hang -pn lsass.exe -o c:\users\mr.d0x\output\folder -quiet

#Vbs script
cscript.exe adplus_old.vbs -hang -pn lsass.exe -o c:\users\mr.d0x\output\folder -quiet

The output is a folder that contains the .dmp file.


Download the file to your attacking machine and let Mimikatz do its usual magic.


Evasion Tricks

If the dump file is deleted by the AV then try replacing -pn lsass.exe with -p <lsass PID>.

If that doesn’t work then use the -r flag which creates a dump file every X seconds. For some reason that worked for me and the files didn’t get deleted. Obviously this is less stealthy as it’s writing multiple files to disk.

#New command
#Create 10 dumps, one every 2 seconds
adplus.exe -hang -p <PID> -o c:\users\mr.d0x\output\folder -r 10 2 -quiet

cscript.exe adplus_old.vbs -hang -pn lsass.exe -o c:\users\mr.d0x\output\folder -r 10 2 -quiet


One issue I ran into after running Adplus is the lsass process remained suspended. This causes all sorts of problems and will eventually require a system reboot. If anyone knows how to resume the process after executing Adplus please DM me on Twitter.