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Hijacking & Spoofing Context Menu Options

March 6, 2024

Hijacking SentinelOne’s “Scan For Threats” context menu option and creating your own option for persistence

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File Archiver In The Browser

May 22, 2023

This article explores a phishing technique that emulates a file archiver software in the browser while using a .zip domain

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Phishing With Chromium's Application Mode

October 1, 2022

In this blog post I show how Chromium’s application mode allows us to easily create realistic desktop phishing applications

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Stealing Access Tokens From Office Desktop Applications

September 17, 2022

Dumping tokens from Microsoft Office desktop applications’ memory

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Attacking With WebView2 Applications

June 21, 2022

Exploring WebView2 applications and how they can be used for credential and cookie theft

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Bypassing Cortex XDR

April 13, 2022

Analyzing Cortex XDR and finding ways to bypass it

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Tampering With ForcePoint One DLP EndPoint

April 4, 2022

ForcePoint One DLP EndPoint lacks tamper protection allowing attackers to disable the product, raise privileges and establish persistence on the machine

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Browser In The Browser (BITB) Attack

March 15, 2022

This article explores a phishing technique that simulates a browser window within the browser to spoof a legitimate domain

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Steal Credentials & Bypass 2FA Using noVNC

February 19, 2022

Steal credentials and bypass 2FA by giving users remote access to your server via an HTML5 VNC client that has a browser running in kiosk mode

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Twitter Recap - Part 1

January 8, 2022

This is the start of a Twitter recap series which highlights interesting or useful posts that never made it to the blog

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